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Giving: The Hallmark of Kingdom Service

Posted By: TheCounselor™          In: Religion & Spirituality          193 Views         (Feb 27, 2018)

 Giving: The Hallmark of Kingdom Service

Luke 6:37-38

2018 is about those who will make themselves available to hear God. Love giving is how we transact in the kingdom. Our works and transactions will be tried in fire and those that don’t pass the test of love be consumed. That fire is the fire of love. One question we should always ask ourselves is, when your daily transactions and works pass through the fire test of love, will they be able to stand?

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quot;">Owe no man nothing but to love. When giving to the poor, you are lending to the lord, that’s love. Love even the underserving, you are not doing it for them but for God, this is how people will know you belong to God. Your love walk must be strong this 2018. Show mercy as God is merciful. Suspend the judgment, this is one way we can disciple nations, represent God on earth. The one and only way is the God way. Giving is synonymous to loving. We have to bless so that the blessing of God can rest upon us as well. It’s seedtime and harvest.

In 2018, we must be careful and understand what our stand is and the type of account we must give. We must remember our account will be tried and tested.

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Giving: The Hallmark of Kingdom Service
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